Gaming Sports

Every since i was a child, i was also fascinated about games, video games in particular it always drew my attention be it single player or multiplayer it always found its place in me like an instinct not only does it provide a path for me to relieve stress but also make connections with people, be it a conversation starter or a platform where freinds can relax, gaming will always have a place in me whenever.Video games take up about 3-4 hours a day for me but i do play in moderation and set my priorities right first

besides gaming, another thing that i really enjoy is sports, table tennis especially, in secondary school, i took up table tenis as a CCA with some background knowledge,this sport lead me to success as i was part of my schools school team as the captain, this not olny allowed me to hone my leadership skills,but also my teamwork abilities sports allow me to be at a peace of mind while playing sports it gives me a way to channel my anger into something useful