Strength and Weaknesses

Being persistant

some of my strenghts are being persistant and having a never give up attitude here are some instances where i found that true i recall during my prelims for o levels my score was actually in the high thirties, i was told i was never going to make it by some teachers they said it was too late unless you start now, after working really hard i evntually managed a 13 points for my o levels.

Opiniated person

Another thing i consisder my strength is that i am a opiniated person i strongly beileve in what i consider correct but still open to consturctive critisism and feedback i believe that i am not easily swayed and i conosider that a trait that many people do not have.

Being Frustrated at times quickly

Some of my weaknesses is that fact that i am impatient and will snap at people quickly i more than likely will retaliate if i do not agree with a certain statement.

Easily Distracted

Another weakness that i have is that i lose focus easily zoning as and when i want, and will not realise it which is why i write many notes to remind myself just in Case i miss out information that i need

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